Alpha Gameplay

Vishv NFTs

These NFTs are the gateway to the Vishv universe. An open metaverse game where you can choose any PFP character in your wallet like Apes, Monkeys, Pandas etc and explore the metaverse or fight NPC pirates to win tokens. Each NFT comes with:

  • Mother Planet - Decides players starting location. Some locations have more advantages than others.
  • Crafts - Use spacecrafts for interstellar travel while mothership for inter-galactic quests.
  • Weapons - Ranging all sizes capable of destroying entire planets/stars to gather resources.
  • Robots - Can be deployed on planetary surfaces to gather resources when you are AFK.

Our Team

With a combined experience of 13 years running production systems, managing and building teams from ground-up, we are teaming up to launch Vishv P2E game on Solana chain.

Surya Teja

Snehil S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Price is 0.15 Sol. Mint size is 2553. Minting starts at 27th Oct 1800 IST.
You own all the weapons, spacecrafts in your NFT which you can utilize for the gameplay in our upcoming game. And you are entitiled to earn rewards/bonuses from all the future community projects/applications built on top of Vishv NFT.
The minting process is asynchronous and after 5 seconds of transaction approval you can see your Vishv NFT appear in NFTs tab in your wallet of choice - Phantom or Solflare.
The whole minting process is done via Candy Machine Solana on-chain program (smart contract). Nothing goes wrong!

However, you can contact us on our social handles or our Support Mail regarding any queries/questions.
We use Metaplex convention and Candy Machine for our fair minting process.

You can verify this by looking at the transactions of our Candy Machine Account which we will post 1 hour before launch on our Discord.
Connect your wallet by clicking on Connect Wallet button. We support Phantom, Solflare, and Sollet currently.

Once the timer runs out, you can click on the Mint button and approve the transaction from your wallet extension to mint your Vishv NFT.
Yes and No. There is a limit of 1 NFT per mint transaction. However, you can Mint as many as you wish.
Yes. We will be placing 100% of all our Mint proceedings into the community treasury to execute the roadmap.

These funds will be used to build the game and other applications based on Vishv NFT and to expand our community.
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